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Why Customer Service in Real Estate Matters Even More Than You ThinkThose who work in real estate don't need to be reminded that customer service is important. They likely see the consequences of poor customer service play out every day. But what they may forget is just how valuable customer service can be to their career as a real estate agent. It can quite literally be the difference between failure and success—which is a powerful statement for such a competitive field.

In for the Long Haul

Most people can put on a mask for a few days with even their worst enemies if they have to, but home buying happens over the course of more than a few days. Unlike a grocery store manager who needs to deal with the odd crisis once in a while, real estate agents need to be on their game every time they interact with a

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Understanding the New Face of Home Construction: Technologies to KnowNew technology is starting to permeate every aspect of the building process. From settling on a building site to putting the final touches on the home, the changes are remarkable. The construction industry has been somewhat slow to adopt technology, but they've recently started to make some big changes. While certain trends may not prove to be as popular as others in the long-run, it's beneficial to home buyers to understand more about where construction is headed if they want a better grasp on the market.

Scouting Construction Sites with Drones and 3-D Imaging

Scouting technology like drones and 3D scanners are helping decision-makers understand the best sites upon which to build. The drone will not only show leaders the full scope of the

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Sustainable Building MaterialsSustainable building materials have come a long way in a short period of time. Modern homeowners in particular are constantly seeking ways to make their home more sustainable and more eco-friendly.

Solar Panels and Solar Power

Solar energy can be harnessed in multiple ways. Some homeowners use the power of the sun to heat their home by installing large windows on the sides of the home where the sun is likely to shine in. Dark walls on the exterior absorb solar heat, which helps to keep the home warm long after the sun goes down.

Other homeowners choose to harness the power of the sun through solar panels. When sun shines directly on the solar panels, the panels absorb the energy and turn it into electricity. Well-placed solar panels can

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Tips for Marketing a Property to SellWhen the time comes to sell a home, marketing the property can speed up the sale and lead to bigger offers. Because marketing is a multi-step process, home sellers who are trying to sell their home quickly should consider all of the following ways to make the property more appealing and attractive to potential buyers.

Stage Your Home

Staging is the process of making the home look beautiful and functional for potential buyers. Staging goes beyond decorating. Cleaning and de-cluttering are all important ways to stage the home. Home sellers hoping to get started with the staging process can do the following.

Remove Clutter

Clutter is the enemy of the home seller, because it can make the home look dark and small. Clutter can accumulate over

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Real Estate Investment Guide

A Guide To Investing In Real Estate

Which Real Estate Investment Type Is Right for You?Real estate may come with its share of risks. However, many are looking to add this asset class to their portfolio. Those interested in getting started in investing in real estate may appreciate the potential of high returns with this form of investment.

This may be a great time to start getting serious and learn more about real estate investments. As with any form of investment, it is important to perform due diligence and understand more about the property, any challenges and the realistic return from a type of real estate investment.

Learn more about real estate investments types and practical considerations today.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a financial advisor before

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Considering Home Siding? Common Questions AnsweredWhen contemplating a home siding installation, there are a number of questions that the average homeowner will face. With this in mind, we're addressing a few of the most common home siding questions concerning everything ranging from material to selection to installation considerations.

What Siding Materials are Best?

Determining the best type of siding will vary depending on a number of factors. These include: the home's age, condition, whether a homeowner's association (HOA) is involved, budget and personal preferences. The most popular siding materials on the market today are wood siding, vinyl siding and fiber cement siding. Cedar wood is a great insulator and is attractive, but it is susceptible to termites, fire and rotting. Vinyl is

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A Homeowner's Guide to New InsulationInsulation is an important energy-saving building material. Modern homes have many different types of insulation. For homeowners who want to maintain their property and reduce their utility bills, it helps to know something about modern insulation materials and methods. This guide is designed to help homeowners protect their house and keep it comfortable throughout the year.

Where Is Insulation in the Home?

Insulation is found in nearly every part of the home's structure, including the floors, walls, basement and attic. A form of insulation can even be found in gas-filled windows, which are becoming more popular with time. Insulation is especially important in the exterior walls of the home, because these walls shield the home from the

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Your Guide to Mold RemediationA mold infestation can be caused by anything from a leaky pipe to poor humidity control. Due to its very nature, it has a tendency to stay out of sight—hiding under carpets or in between walls. Under the right conditions, mold, like pest infestations, can spread like wildfire. For homeowners who are facing an infestation, take these steps to remove the mold from the home and to safeguard against the possibility of it in the future.

First Things First

The first step for a homeowner is to get everyone inside away from the mold. Prolonged exposure to mold can do far more than cause allergy-like symptoms, it can damage organs and cause life-threatening diseases. If anyone in the home has been feeling ill or has had a headache they can't seem to

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What to Do About Common Home Safety HazardsYou may think that you are safe in your home. However, there can be serious safety hazards lurking about that can be addressed with minimal fuss. Young children and the elderly may be at higher risk of serious injury from a potential fall or fire as they may have issues with mobility. Protect your household from such situations. Know the most common home safety hazards in the average home today.

Preventing Falls

Injuries stemming from falls are a common household hazard. Slippery stairs, wet floors and scatter toys can increase the risk of one falling and suffering an injury. Those who want to minimize such risks would do well to:

  • Stabilize staircases with secure flooring and solid handrails. Safety gates are recommended in homes with
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Tips For Maintaining A Home's WindowsProperty owners are responsible for a great deal of routine maintenance. Windows should be one of the priorities as well-maintained windows improve energy-efficiency and safeguard those inside. Jammed windows, rotting frames and air leaks can occur to those owners not regularly maintaining their windows. So, what should property owners know about window maintenance?

From cleaning to small repairs, understand more about window cleaning fundamentals and window maintenance for optimal performance of windows today.

Basic Cleaning for Windows

Residents and commercial property owners need to take the time to regularly clean their windows. Light cleaning on a routine basis can maintain the appearance of windows and provide an opportunity to note

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