Getting Organized In a Smaller Home

Staying Organized Living in a Smaller HomeOne of the most challenging things about living in a smaller home or condo in Jupiter is staying organized. For recent homebuyers new to living in a smaller space, or for those in the process of purchasing a smaller home who need help, these tips can help you keep a space tidy and comfortable.

Purge Often

Purging is one of the most crucial skills of small-home dwellers. For those new to small-home living, make purging a regular occurrence in the house. This may be done spontaneously at times when it seems convenient, or it may be scheduled. Make use of charities and consignment shops in the area that will give away or sell old items. This ensures that any old stuff will go to good use.

Keep Things Off the Floor

Floor space is crucial in a small house. Keeping things off the floor can help make a home feel bigger. Use cabinets, shelving and closets to hold any clutter. Avoid storing anything on the floor that isn't a piece of furniture.

Utilize All Available Storage Space

A typical closet will have a lot of un-utilized space, often found near the top or on the floor. Install shelves on top and cabinets and dressers on bottom to ensure that the closet space is organized and well-utilized, and that no closet space is wasted.

Create Built-In Storage

Chances are, small-home owners need to use a lot of storage-focused furniture in their homes. Built-in storage is typically more attractive than store-bought furniture. Built-in storage also blends in well, which takes away some of the feelings of clutter that furniture can add to a room.

Match Furniture to the Walls

Painting wooden furniture to match the color of the walls can help the furniture blend in with the rest of the room. This will create a greater sense of openness in the home. Particularly in the case of rooms painted with light paint colors, these rooms will have a lighter, brighter feel.

Create Zones in Rooms

Breaking large rooms of the house into "zones" will help each room serve multiple functions at once. For example, putting living room furniture in one part of the living room and placing the dining room table at the other end of the living room effectively ensures that your Juno Beach home's living room will serve the function of two different rooms.

Buy Multi-Functional Furniture

Look for multi-functional furniture that can serve double duty without taking up much space in the house. For example, when decorating the living room, buyers may look for a coffee table that contains hidden storage, a storage chest that also serves as a bench, and a cabinet with a pull-down desk. If the living room also serves as a dining room, consider using nesting tables that can be pushed together when the table isn't being used for eating.

Plan the Organizational System Before Moving In

For someone moving into a smaller home and seeking ways to get organized, one of the best ways to ensure that the home will stay organized after move-in is by purging and planning before moving into the property. Work with a real estate agent to gain access to the house during the escrow process so work can start on measuring closets and room dimensions. This will help you decide which pieces of furniture can come along to the new house, what will need to be given away, and what will need to be bought before moving in.

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