How to Handle a Mold Infestation

Your Guide to Mold RemediationA mold infestation can be caused by anything from a leaky pipe to poor humidity control. Due to its very nature, it has a tendency to stay out of sight—hiding under carpets or in between walls. Under the right conditions, mold, like pest infestations, can spread like wildfire. For homeowners who are facing an infestation, take these steps to remove the mold from the home and to safeguard against the possibility of it in the future.

First Things First

The first step for a homeowner is to get everyone inside away from the mold. Prolonged exposure to mold can do far more than cause allergy-like symptoms, it can damage organs and cause life-threatening diseases. If anyone in the home has been feeling ill or has had a headache they can't seem to shake, it's time to take them to a doctor. Take a sample of the mold to give to a medical professional so they can use the evidence as a means of diagnosing any potential problems.

Talk to a Pro

Homeowners often miss certain signs when it comes to mold, which can make it more expensive to treat in the long-run. Because there are so many types, it's easy to miss the many places it may live, and most homeowners aren't going to go breaking down their walls to ensure they vanquished it all. But if a professional is able to test it, they can let the homeowner know the true extent of the damage.

Treat the Root Cause

Homeowners should ensure they find out the cause of the mold at the time they have it tested. Water can seep into the home from the attic, the walls, and the windows, so it's important to determine the culprit so it can be addressed. Owners of older homes may want to consider upgrading their pipes, windows, or roof to reduce or eliminate the odds that this will happen again from a different place in the home. Or it could be as easy as changing out the humidifier.

Call on Home Insurance

Home insurance may sometimes pick up the bill for removing mold. (It's not a common concession from the insurance company, but it is a possibility). Should a homeowner choose to use professionals, it's important to call around for estimates and research reviews thoroughly for each one. Ensure that whichever company is chosen offers the option of deferring payment until the home has passed a retested for mold after the job is complete.

Self-Removal Basics

Even a small amount of mold can be relatively difficult to remove for Egret Landing homeowners due to the inherent dangers of working in a closed space. It's not just a matter of buying fungicide and hoping for the best. Because the air around the mold is, by its very nature, polluted, experts recommended using full-body protection to reduce the chance of illness. Because this equipment may end up costing far more than the cost of a professional (and come with a reduced chance of success), it's not always the most economical decision.

Part of handling a mold infestation lies in the homeowner's ability to research both the type of mold they have and the available resources in their neighborhood. It's crucial to remove all of the mold or else homeowners face a strong possibility of a reinfestation every few months. Following these steps can be the key to preserving everyone's safety and to protecting the integrity of the home.

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