Marketing Your Home To Sell? Check Out These Tips

Tips for Marketing a Property to SellWhen the time comes to sell a home, marketing the property can speed up the sale and lead to bigger offers. Because marketing is a multi-step process, home sellers who are trying to sell their home quickly should consider all of the following ways to make the property more appealing and attractive to potential buyers.

Stage Your Home

Staging is the process of making the home look beautiful and functional for potential buyers. Staging goes beyond decorating. Cleaning and de-cluttering are all important ways to stage the home. Home sellers hoping to get started with the staging process can do the following.

Remove Clutter

Clutter is the enemy of the home seller, because it can make the home look dark and small. Clutter can accumulate over many years and thus may take a long time to remove, so home sellers who start removing clutter early in the selling process may have more success. These tips can help home sellers remove clutter:

  • Sell or give away old clothes and books that are no longer needed.
  • Hold a garage sale to sell usable items that others might want.
  • Give away furniture that will not be needed in the new home.
  • Sort through old papers, magazines and bills, and recycle everything that is more than one year old.

When removing clutter, sellers are encouraged to sort through the common areas of the home (such as the living room, dining room and kitchen) as well as the storage areas of the home (closets, garage, attic, etc). Removing clutter from the common areas makes the home look nicer, while removing clutter from storage areas helps showcase all of the home's storage space.

Clean Thoroughly

A good deep cleaning shows buyers that a home has been well maintained. When deep cleaning for staging purposes, it's important to clean all areas of the house including hard to reach parts like ceiling fans, curtains, upper corners of the room, under beds and furniture and over the tops of cabinets. After the deep cleaning, the home needs to be superficially re-cleaned every time it's seen by potential buyers, so that it continues to look its best.


Many home sellers choose to redecorate one or multiple rooms when staging their home to sell. A vase of flowers placed on the coffee table, extra throw pillows set on the couch and a new coat of paint on the walls can go a long way to beautify a home.

Boost Curb Appeal

First impressions mean a lot to buyers. When a buyer first shows up at a home, the first thing he or she should see is a well-maintained, healthy yard, and a clean house. There are many ways, big and small, to improve curb appeal before listing a house to sell.

  • Touch up or re-paint the exterior.
  • Wash down the siding.
  • Keep the grass trimmed, fertilized and watered.
  • Plant annuals.
  • Prune the shrubs.

By putting effort into landscaping and cleaning the home's exterior, home sellers can make their home more attractive to buyers overall.

Use Professional Photographs

Pictures of the house are important marketing tools that can bring buyers running. Unfortunately, real estate pictures taken by a realtor or home seller can be flat, out of focus and unflattering. The best real estate photographs are made by professionals. Professional real estate photographers know how to take pictures that have depth and beauty, which means that hiring a professional can pay off.

Use Yard Signs

A yard sign signals to people in the neighborhood that a home is for sale. Since homeowners in the area may have a relative or friend that wants to move to the neighborhood, the yard sign can be another important marketing tool. A yard sign that says "For Sale" on it is a simple way to market a property and bring in buyers from the community.

Create a Virtual Tour or a Drone Tour

Home buyers love virtual tours and drone tours. Listings with virtual tours can draw buyers simply by being more interesting than standard listings. Virtual tours and drone tours are both made by professional companies with special equipment, so sellers who are interested in this option must contact one of these companies before creating their listing. A good real estate agent can help a home buyer to choose a local company.

Work Closely With a Professional Real Estate Agent

Good real estate agents know all about marketing a Jupiter Key property to sell. Working closely with a real estate agent can help a home seller to prepare their property and make it more attractive to buyers. If you're a home seller and you'd like to make a fast sale, get started today. Contact an experienced real estate professional in your area.

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