The True Value of Customer Service in Real Estate

Why Customer Service in Real Estate Matters Even More Than You ThinkThose who work in real estate don't need to be reminded that customer service is important. They likely see the consequences of poor customer service play out every day. But what they may forget is just how valuable customer service can be to their career as a real estate agent. It can quite literally be the difference between failure and success—which is a powerful statement for such a competitive field.

In for the Long Haul

Most people can put on a mask for a few days with even their worst enemies if they have to, but home buying happens over the course of more than a few days. Unlike a grocery store manager who needs to deal with the odd crisis once in a while, real estate agents need to be on their game every time they interact with a client. This is a skill that not everyone can pull off, especially considering how stressful home buying can be.

Clients Are Vulnerable

Buyers and sellers often don't realize just how much work goes into real estate, which can make it difficult to communicate with them. Agents have to give people information without overwhelming them with superfluous facts. Because clients are so vulnerable during this time, agents need to really go the extra mile to assure them that they have a real partner they can rely on to get them through the process.

More Empathy, Fewer Problems

A single missed call or brush-off response can send a client's blood pressure through the roof. Real estate agents don't necessarily need to turn into therapists in order to provide good customer service, but it can really help to understand where clients are coming from. Whether the client is an emotional wreck at having to give up their Rialto home or one who wants to capitalize on a seller's market, real estate agents who speak to their clients' needs will stand a better chance of survival.

Faking good customer service is pretty much impossible, which is just one reason so many agents don't quite make the cut. Still, it's entirely possible to practice customer service again and again until it truly becomes second nature. Once an agent achieves this, they may find themselves in the position of getting to pick and choose their clients rather than the other way around!

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