Tips for Maintaining Windows in a Home

Tips For Maintaining A Home's WindowsProperty owners are responsible for a great deal of routine maintenance. Windows should be one of the priorities as well-maintained windows improve energy-efficiency and safeguard those inside. Jammed windows, rotting frames and air leaks can occur to those owners not regularly maintaining their windows. So, what should property owners know about window maintenance?

From cleaning to small repairs, understand more about window cleaning fundamentals and window maintenance for optimal performance of windows today.

Basic Cleaning for Windows

Residents and commercial property owners need to take the time to regularly clean their windows. Light cleaning on a routine basis can maintain the appearance of windows and provide an opportunity to note any issues which may need to be addressed. A damp cloth is all that is needed to remove light dust and dirt. Using too much water can lead to rot when water comes into contact with wooden frames. A soft scrubbing brush and mild detergent may be useful for those with aluminum and vinyl-windows. Glass cleaner can help keep glass sparkling.

Don't forget the casing and adjacent wall area. Take the time to remove dirt and debris in these areas. Window components which are filled with dirt can easily result in window jams.

Schedule a Window Inspection

Residents should inspect their windows every season. Be on the lookout for:

  • Signs of rot
  • Changes in the condition of the frame and sash
  • Indications of moisture in double-paned windows
  • A brittle frame
  • Worn out weather stripping
  • Spaces between the casing and the wall

Many of these issues can be easily remedies by property owners. However, professional service providers are available to help owners maintain the condition of their window, window casing, window frame and more.

Address Air Leaks

An air leak can allow heated or cooled air from inside a home escape to the outside environment and raise a property owners heating and cooling costs. Weather stripping and caulking can benefit residents by reducing potential air leaks generally found around windows and door frames, which will improve the home's overall energy efficiency. Weather stripping requires only a few tools, such as a utility knife, hammer and tape measure, along with foam tape, finish nails and V-channel weatherstripping. This small project is one of the recommendations suggested to improve the “envelope” of a home.

There are weatherstripping guides available to assist owners. Caulk or spray-form insulation can be used to seal windows. Deteriorated rubber seals should be replaced to secure the window and decrease any air or water leaks. Regular maintenance can decrease the need for larger repairs and can be performed by the average property owner in the majority of cases.

Make Small Repairs

Windows are exposed to the elements and to conditions within a home. In time, they can become weathered, brittle, splinter, crack and much more. Wooden windows may be subject to wood rot and may need rotted wood to be removed and filled. Cracked or broken glass can impair window function and may lead to injury of individuals and their families. Replace or repair the windowpane to ensure a home is protected and to avoid accidental injuries.

Maintaining a home's windows is one of the easiest ways for Paloma homeowners to prevent major damage to the home's interior and structure, while also keeping the home's energy usage down. Following these tips will set up any homeowner for success, as well as offer peace of mind.

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