Checklist for New Homeowners

The New Homeowner’s Checklist: What to Do When You Move into a New Home

Congratulations! You made it through closing. We know you want to be settled right away so you can start enjoying your new home, so we compiled a list of necessary tasks to do upon moving in so you don’t overlook anything important. Call us if you need a recommendation for anything, from carpet cleaners to the best takeout for if you haven’t found your pots and pans yet.

Here are a few of the essential post-move-in tasks you should perform when you move into your new home.

1. Confirm all utilities were transferred correctly

Nothing is worse than coming home to no electricity because the account wasn’t set up correctly and the previous homeowner turned off their service. Having the utilities confirmed ensures a more seamless transition into your new home.

2. Change Your Locks

The previous homeowner provided your keys, but what if they had shared a key with a neighbor or family member and didn’t get it back? It’s better to be safe than sorry, so go ahead and change your locks as soon as possible. 

3. Test Your Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

You never know when you will need the protection of these devices, so make sure they are ready to go in case you need them. Most hardware stores can replace batteries and equipment should there be any issue with the systems.

4. Do a Thorough Walkthrough of Your Home Before You Move In

There is no easier way to see the accurate condition of your home than when it is empty. Furniture hides a lot and distracts you from things as well. Get to know your home. You don’t have to make immediate changes, but knowing the condition of everything will help you know what needs to be done right away and what can wait for a while. 

5. Make Sure a First Aid Kit is Handy

You never know when you will need something, so have this ready right away. In a true emergency, you don’t have time to search for what you need. This should be a moving essential.

6. Introduce Yourself to Your Neighbors

During a truly unexpected emergency, your neighbor might be the easiest and fastest person to go to. Don’t wait until you need something to introduce yourself. They are likely wondering about you too, so go ahead and drop by to say hello. 

7. Garbage Collection

As you are unpacking, you will generate a lot of trash and recycling. Get the scoop on trash day from your neighbors so you don’t miss it. 

8. Change Your Address

You may have forgotten to do this before you moved, so make sure you set up a forwarding address with the post office and update any bills or important accounts that you want in order to ensure you don’t miss correspondence from anyone.