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Top Home Improvement Projects with the Best Return on InvestmentWhen making home improvement with the possibility of selling in mind, homeowners want to get the most bang for their buck. In real estate terminology, this is often called a return on investment, or ROI. Essentially, this factors the average cost of home improvements while taking into account the average increase in resell price during the selling transaction. Here are five of the best home projects that typically offer homeowners a solid return on their investment.

1. Attic Insulation Additions

Fiberglass insulation tends to dissipate over the years, and many homeowners never notice until utility bills surge or they gain access the attic to reclaim goods. Adding fresh fiberglass insulation is one of the most affordable updates and typically

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Guide to Popular Flooring TypesWhether the time has come to change up the flooring in an existing house or a home is being built from scratch, one of the most important decisions that can be made is the type of flooring. There are many different types of flooring available for owners that are both aesthetically pleasing but also can be cost effective. Each flooring type has its own list of pros and cons to consider as well. It is important to review every option before making a decision so owners can ensure that they get exactly what they want.

Hardwood Flooring

One of the most popular types of flooring is hardwood. This is because hardwood floors offer both beauty as well as durability that can last for decades, if not longer, if they are well taken care of. One thing to

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Energy Efficient Upgrades for HomeownersSaving money is not just something people can do with coupons in the grocery store or by finding a great deal while shopping for something online. Homeowners can also start to save money on a daily basis with some energy efficient upgrades around their own home. There are some things they can do that are fairly inexpensive while others may cost them a bit more in the present but will save them a lot of money over time. Either way, making any home more energy efficient is something anyone can do to ensure that they start saving money and winning the energy game every day, whether it's to reduce the energy usage in their own home or to make it more appealing when selling.

Seal Any Leaks

One of the first things homeowners should do around their

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Should You Hire a Pro or Do It Yourself? Here's How To KnowWhen it is time to work on a house, whether it needs a complete remodel or just some upgrades, there are options to choose from. Among the biggest choices to make is whether to do things in a DIY manner or hire a professional. That choice can affect the time and money spent, as well as the quality and safety of the project. With that in mind, there are some things to look for and consider when it comes to which option will be the best. Every homeowner has choices, and making the right ones when it comes to working on the house can affect the value in both the short and long term. Here are the basics of what to think about when considering DIY options versus hiring a professional.

How Much DIY Knowledge Do You Have?

For homeowners with a high

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Buying a Home With a Bad FoundationImagine finding the perfect home. It’s in a desirable neighborhood, it has more than enough space, and it even comes in under budget! After making an offer and the home is inspected, you find out that the foundation is crumbling and needs extensive work.

What does a buyer do in this situation? It can be a devastating experience to go through and might make one feel disheartened about finding another home to start over with, but there are options available that will allow you to handle the situation within a legal capacity.

Leaning On Contingencies

When it comes to navigating this specific situation, it helps to have an inspection contingency set in place, as it gives a buyer more options. In short, this type of contingency allows for a

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Is it Better to Buy or Rent a HomeHomeownership has been part of the American dream for many years. However, many families choose to rent, as the barrier to entry with home buying can be a large one. and owning a home doesn't suit the lifestyles of every individual. Buying or renting a home still allows individuals, couples and families to live in comfort. According to the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University, 37 percent of households currently rent. Renting or buying are both viable options for individuals and families who are looking to enjoy a preferred standard level of comfort and privacy in a home.

Learn about some of the factors considered when people choose to either rent or buy.

Significant Upfront Costs

Are you ready to put down as much as

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What to Know About the USDA Rural LoanDecisions are a crucial part of the home buying process and choosing the right home mortgage option is one of the most important of those decisions. While most buyers today are familiar with the more common home loans, such as the conventional, FHA, and VA mortgage options, many are likely to be less familiar with the USDA Rural Development Home Loan, even though it may be a good loan option for their buying situation, whether you want to live in Jupiter Harbour or elsewhere in Florida.

What is the USDA Rural Development Home Loan?

A program offered through the United States Department of Agriculture, Rural Development Home Loans are available in two forms. The first is the Single Family Housing Guaranteed Loan Program, which is available

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October is here and that means fall festivals all around and a much welcome break in the warm temperatures. This month was extra hard to pick our favorite events because there is so much to do around town. Enjoy exploring all of these activities.

Wines around the World
Abacoa Amphitheater
Saturday, October 7 from 5-8 p.m.
Wines around the World will offer exquisite wine samplings from many locations paired with samples of farm to table food from Palm Beach County’s finest dining destinations. Live music, cooking demonstrations and prizes will be part of the event as well.


October 13-15 and October 20-22
American German Club in Lake Worth
Feast on authentic German cuisine including and enjoy one of the largest

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HOw Energy Eficient Upgrades Can Help Sell Your HomeSellers are always looking for new ways to increase their property value and improve their ability to sell their home as soon as it hits the market. While there's all kinds of techniques and little tricks that sellers can try, often the best way to boost value and sell a property as fast as possible is to invest in the right upgrades. Right now, energy-efficient upgrades are all the rage. Buyers are often looking to purchase a home that will run efficiently, allowing them to save money in the long-term while also preserving the environment.

A property that boasts energy-efficient upgrades is going to be more desirable to buyers, and according to the Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council (NOPEC), they are willing to pay more to get a property with

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Understanding the FHA 203k Home Renovation LoanToday's real estate market is definitely a seller's market in many areas of the nation. With the best listings being snapped up quickly, buyers are experiencing real difficulties in finding a great home to buy. This is especially true when the buyers are planning to use one of the more common mortgage options that require the home to meet certain value and condition criteria at the time of the sale, such as a standard FHA or VA loan, or most conventional fixed-rate mortgages. For these frustrated buyers, the FHA 203k home loan can be the perfect solution.

Basic Points of the FHA 203k Home Loan

Like its more popular cousin, the FHA 203k mortgage is available through approved local banks and lenders and guaranteed by the Federal Housing

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