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Understanding the FHA 203k Home Renovation LoanToday's real estate market is definitely a seller's market in many areas of the nation. With the best listings being snapped up quickly, buyers are experiencing real difficulties in finding a great home to buy. This is especially true when the buyers are planning to use one of the more common mortgage options that require the home to meet certain value and condition criteria at the time of the sale, such as a standard FHA or VA loan, or most conventional fixed-rate mortgages. For these frustrated buyers, the FHA 203k home loan can be the perfect solution.

Basic Points of the FHA 203k Home Loan

Like its more popular cousin, the FHA 203k mortgage is available through approved local banks and lenders and guaranteed by the Federal Housing

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The start of fall is right around the corner and as the days cool off a little more, it’s time to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. There is always plenty going on around town but here are a few events that are sure to be fun.


Sunday on the Waterfront: Purple Masquerade
Sunday, September 17th 4-7 p.m.
105 Evernia Street, West Palm Beach
Enjoy this Prince tribute band as you sing along to Prince’s greatest hits. Bring blankets or chairs to enjoy the live music on the West Palm Beach waterfront.
Find more info here! 


Splash & Dash
Sunday, September 24th at 8:00 a.m.
Burns Road Recreation Complex at 4404 Burns Road in Palm Beach Gardens
The Splash & Dash will begin at 8 a.m. on Sunday, September 24th and is open to kids

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How Sellers Can Landscape to Boost Curb AppealShowcasing a property's beauty takes a unique approach for each season. From spring to winter, there are dozens of options to customize a property based on the region, climate and the home's individual style. With this seasonal guide toward landscaping, home sellers can create curb appeal that is both intriguing and inviting, no matter what the weather looks like outside.


Late spring is difficult to distinguish from early summer in many regions, but early spring can be a tough nut to crack. Spring connotes a new year, and buyers are looking for signs of life on the property. The trouble is that early blooms transplanted while it is still frosty outside may be complicated to maintain over a period of weeks or months. Sellers who are

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As many of you are aware, Hurricane Irma is fast approaching. Currently known as the second worst storm ever recorded in the Atlantic Ocean, Irma is closing in on Florida fast. However, there is still time to prepare before the storm gets here. Below you will find series of links that can help you and your family better prepare for the storm. As always, we're here to help in anyway we can. Please be safe during this storm.

 - Know Your Zone - This site will tell you what your zone is based on your address. Use this information to see if you live in an evacuation zone or not: http://www.pbcgov.com/knowurzone/

- National Hurricane Center Information - Up to date information regarding Hurricane Irma form the National Hurricane

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How to Use a Rental Truck When Moving to a New HomeMoving companies are the answer for many people who are selling their home and relocating, but there are plenty of reasons why a person might want to do the move personally with only a rental truck. Most notably, this option is generally more affordable, although the larger the household, the more complicated DIY moving becomes.

Research Vehicles

There are a lot of options today for people looking for a moving truck, including U-Haul and Budget. Find out what each option offers as well as how much it costs. Things to consider include:

  • Size of truck needed. Trunk rental companies can offer estimates based on how big the previous home is
  • Ability to rent a truck one-way. This is not a problem for a person moving across town, but it is a
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What to Know About the Capital Gains TaxFor most people who sell a home, there is no reason to fear a huge tax bill, even if the value of your home has risen dramatically over the years. Thanks to provisions included in the 1997 Taxpayer Relief Act, a married couple can realize a $500,000 profit on a home sale and not owe a dime to the federal government. If you're single, the exemption is $250,000. It's not a one-time exemption, and you need not buy another home to qualify for it.

Specific Use Requirements

In order to qualify for the tax exclusion, the home you are selling must be primary residence, and you must have occupied it for two full years of the previous five, not necessarily consecutive. Requirements can get a bit more complicated for married couples filing joint tax

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What to Know About a First FHA Home LoanAs a first time home buyer, you're likely to hear a lot of discussion about FHA loans. FHA loans help many first time home buyers get the home they want at a rate they can afford. Understanding the way FHA home loans work and how FHA may help you is an important part of getting a loan that will work for your needs.

Make sure to discuss all options with your lender to understand what will work best for your home buying situation.

What is FHA?

An FHA loan is a loan that's insured by the Federal Housing Administration. In fact, this can be a source of confusion for many home buyers: FHA is not a bank or a lender. FHA lenders are simply lenders who are approved to provide FHA loans to home buyers.

Benefits of FHA Loans

There are many

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How to Prepare for a Home ShowingDigital marketing techniques have been widely adopted by the real estate industry as excellent, cost-efficient tools for marketing listings on a global scale. But no matter how good the online marketing strategy is for inviting buyer interest, most home sales still occur on a local level, making it also important to include time-tested marketing methods, such as the open house.

In order for your Loxahatchee River home showing to be successful, sellers must begin with careful preparations.

Maximize the Look of Cleanliness

While every seller likely understands the need for making sure their home is perfectly clean for every visit from a prospective buyer, they may not be maximizing their efforts.

Sellers who want to make sure their homes

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The Hidden Dangers of Flipping a Fixer UpperJust as an athlete can make the most trying tests of physical endurance seem like child's play, television has a way of making house flipping seem like a cake walk. Certainly, you've seen the shows. Energetic people purchase an ugly house, spend a week or two fixing it up, then sell it for a huge profit.

Easy, right? Not really.

As they say, numbers don't lie. And it wasn't long ago that the numbers didn't amount to a sizable payday for very many. RealtyTrac reported that investors flipped 152,862 houses in 2013. That is, they bought a house and sold it again within six months. While the number was increasing at a rate of 16 percent from 2012 and 114 percent since 2011, the average profit only netted $58,081. Considering labor and time

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How to Sell a Home With a Closed Floor PlanReal estate trends seem to come and go with the wind, but one that seems to have had real staying power is the concept of an open floor plan. Families who like to entertain get excited by the thought of one open room where everyone can be together, and for those who are selling a home without this feature, it can bring some anxiety to the selling process.

First and foremost, every home on the market has appealing aspects, and as long as it’s valued and made to be appealing for what it is, the right buyer will come along and snag it. For those who are still worried, here are a few approaches for trying to sell a closed floor plan property, especially in competitive markets like the Shores.

Work Together To Get Creative

Certainly some home

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