March 2018

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How To Choose Roofing MaterialsThere are many types of materials used in a modern roof, and it can be difficult for homeowners to make a choice. The price of the roofing is an important point, but there are many other factors to consider as well. These tips help people to discern which roofing material might be best for them, based on the investment they are willing to make.

Seal It Up With Asphalt

In many parts of the country, asphalt or composite roofing is the most common material. This material relies on thin shingles that have a fiberglass mat on which asphalt granules are layered to seal out water. Asphalt roofing does not have an exceptionally long lifespan compared to other roofing materials, but it is one of the least expensive types.

People may be able to get

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What  Homeowners Can Do About PestsMany homeowners, as a part of owning a home, will—at some point or another—be required to deal with the presence of pests. Homeowners should be aware that a pest infestation can lead to home damage and exacerbate existing health conditions. Know the signs of a potential pest problem and take steps to address issues as quickly as possible. What are the options for homeowners who may uncover a pest infestation?

Termites and Home Damage

Termites can do substantial damage to a home as they consume wood in support beams and other wooden structures. A home and wooden products within it can easily contain and feed generations of termites, and the danger may be present before homeowners ever move in, as basic home inspections do not cover termites.

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How to Make Geothermal RenovationsFor a lot of homeowners, home improvements only make sense if they can help to maintain or increase the home's value. While the boost energy-efficient upgrades could have for a home's resale value can be difficult to measure, one thing is clear: Top-of-the-line renovations, including converting to geothermal energy, often attract buyers who are willing to pay more for the ease and savings.

Buyer Preferences

As home buyers become more savvy about what they can expect from homes they buy, they are starting to demand that their homes do more for them. No one wants to pay a ton for utilities because the home is full of old, outdated equipment. In fact, energy efficient appliances and systems rank high on buyers' desires for homes they want to

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How to Get the Best Possible Outdoor Living SpaceThe outdoor area of a home is just as important as the indoors of a home, no matter what season it is. And yet, it's often pushed to the side for new curtains, sheets, or indoor lighting. But a true living space can open up doors for homeowners that they never even dreamed of. It's the difference between sitting inside with the air conditioning blasting all day and enjoying the fresh air, or another frozen dinner instead of a burger straight from the grill. For the best possible connection to the property, homeowners can follow these tips to create an outdoor space they can really live in.

Add More Color

Arguably the fastest and easiest way to bring more life to any outdoor space, homeowners can add potted plants and flowers to make a living

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