February 2018

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How Home Sellers Can Still Get the Price They Want in a Buyer's MarketTo get the best price in a buyer's market, sellers have to focus on the many factors that are within their control. They may not be able to influence market fluctuations or force buyers into a bidding war, but they can shift the paradigm in their favor if they know the right strategies. For those who may be up against a tight market, it's time to learn more about what can be done.

Brace Yourself

Mental preparation when selling is important no matter what, but it can be especially necessary in a buyer's market. Sellers may have to wait longer than they thought, or they may be asked to make repairs they had never budgeted for. It's the sellers who can work with the situation rather than against it who will come out on top.

If a seller

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Tips to Buy a Great Home in a Seller's MarketBuying a home in a seller's market can be challenging. Houses often sell too quickly for buyers to , and prices rise even faster. These tips help buyers know how best to appeal to sellers.

Establish Priorities

Few buyers get everything they could ask for and more in a single property. During a seller's market, buyers may have to compromise a little more on what they want, in order to get what they really need. Buyers should research in advance which aspects of a home they need or want most, such as:

  • location
  • property size
  • square footage
  • amenities
  • proximity to services

If they establish how willing they are to forego certain things in favor of others, they can make it easier for an agent to show them properties that are

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What You Need to Know About Unpermitted WorkPermits are required for a variety of home construction projects. Many communities require permits for room additions, major plumbing installations, major electrical installations and new roof work.

Unpermitted work can be a source of frustration for homeowners. If you discover unpermitted work, it's important to know how it affects your home's value and what you can do to fix the problem.

Why Are Permits Necessary?

Permits alert your local building officials that work is being done on your home. Permits enable those officials to to oversee construction and ensure that the work is done to code. In this way, permits ensure that home construction is done safely and correctly. Without a permit, there is no way to know that work done on a home

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