April 2018

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What to Do About Common Home Safety HazardsYou may think that you are safe in your home. However, there can be serious safety hazards lurking about that can be addressed with minimal fuss. Young children and the elderly may be at higher risk of serious injury from a potential fall or fire as they may have issues with mobility. Protect your household from such situations. Know the most common home safety hazards in the average home today.

Preventing Falls

Injuries stemming from falls are a common household hazard. Slippery stairs, wet floors and scatter toys can increase the risk of one falling and suffering an injury. Those who want to minimize such risks would do well to:

  • Stabilize staircases with secure flooring and solid handrails. Safety gates are recommended in homes with
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Tips For Maintaining A Home's WindowsProperty owners are responsible for a great deal of routine maintenance. Windows should be one of the priorities as well-maintained windows improve energy-efficiency and safeguard those inside. Jammed windows, rotting frames and air leaks can occur to those owners not regularly maintaining their windows. So, what should property owners know about window maintenance?

From cleaning to small repairs, understand more about window cleaning fundamentals and window maintenance for optimal performance of windows today.

Basic Cleaning for Windows

Residents and commercial property owners need to take the time to regularly clean their windows. Light cleaning on a routine basis can maintain the appearance of windows and provide an opportunity to note

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Home Security Has Evolved Since its Early Days: Today It's InteractiveIt's not as simple as monitored vs. unmonitored. Nor is the choice only between wired-in and wireless. Today, it's a bit more complex. In addition, the security system that is best for you may be a "hybrid," with different functions that require different applications. Every security system offers peace of mind and some degree of protection against unauthorized entry and break-ins, fire and storm damage, and perhaps other emergencies including hazardous fumes, glass breakage or home system failures. How much and how complex varies greatly.

Basic Intrusion Alarms

Early home security systems provided wired electrical circuits at door and window openings; they set off an audible alarm when the contact was broken. Motion detectors, other types of

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Lighting Suggestions To Brighten Your LifeLighting can have a big impact on the way a home looks and how people feel when they're in the home. Many homeowners seeking to improve the appearance and ambiance in their home can start by improving the lighting. Using a combination of natural lighting, firelight, reflected light and lamp light, homeowners can make their home look beautiful, inviting, cheerful and cozy.

Let In Natural Light

Natural light is very important for keeping the home cheerful during the day. There are many different ways to encourage daylight to enter the home. Homeowners can start by taking down heavy drapes and replacing them with light curtains made from natural materials in a loose weave. Cotton and linen curtains are both effective for providing privacy while

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