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How to Sell a Home With a Closed Floor PlanReal estate trends seem to come and go with the wind, but one that seems to have had real staying power is the concept of an open floor plan. Families who like to entertain get excited by the thought of one open room where everyone can be together, and for those who are selling a home without this feature, it can bring some anxiety to the selling process.

First and foremost, every home on the market has appealing aspects, and as long as it’s valued and made to be appealing for what it is, the right buyer will come along and snag it. For those who are still worried, here are a few approaches for trying to sell a closed floor plan property, especially in competitive markets like the Shores.

Work Together To Get Creative

Certainly some home

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Ins and Outs of Different Types of VA Home LoansA Veteran’s Affairs Loan can be an excellent choice for active and veteran members of the US Armed Forces to use when it comes time to buy a home. But what many people don’t know is that there is no one single VA Loan. Instead, there are many different types that each offer something different to help people with specific needs. Here are all of the different types of VA home Loans and what they can do for you when purchasing your home, in Jupiter Key or elsewhere.

VA Purchase Loans

This is the loan most people think of when hearing the term “VA Loan.” A purchase loan lets home buyers purchase a home without a down payment, and there are no closing costs, either. However, buyers still have to pay a VA Funding Fee, which helps keep the program

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A Step By Step Guide to Home SellingIt's a fact that most home buyers will eventually become home sellers. According to a survey completed by Gallup in 2013, approximately 24 percent of Americans move every five years. For first-time buyers, these numbers may mean that one in every four will become a first-time home seller in just five years. If you are about to become that first-time home seller, the following five-step guide will help you enjoy the best possible home sale, even if it is the first time.

Choosing the Right Time to Sell

Selecting the right time to sell will depend upon the reason for the sale and the market area in which the home is located. If the home is being sold in order to move for employment reasons, selecting the optimal market time may not be possible.

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How to Choose Between Types of PaintsStaging a home to sell or updating a newly purchased home often involves painting, which can add a sense of newness and cleanness to a space. As not painting a house can run the risk of lessening a property's value, not painting a home for sale is one of several possible mistakes a seller can make." But anyone who's visited a hardware store in search of paint has come face to face with an entire aisle stacked from floor to ceiling with different varieties of paint. Oil-based, Latex-based, with primers, without primers, high gloss, eggshell, matte. Where does anyone even begin?

Here's a breakdown of all the most common varieties of paint to help anyone pick the perfect type for their needs.


Primer has one major use: preparing a wall

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