January 2018

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Four Questions to Ask About Home InsuranceA Jupiter home is usually a homeowner's largest and most valuable asset. With home insurance, the property, structure, and the contents of the home have at least some degree of protection. These tips help homeowners understand what home insurance does and does not cover.

What Is Home Insurance?

The premise behind homeowners insurance is that people may be financially compromised by the loss of their homes due to certain circumstances. A devastating house fire could result in tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage, a sum that not many people have readily available to pay. People purchase home insurance policies to provide them with a higher degree of protection than they can guarantee on their own. Homeowners pay regular premiums

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Are Residential Solar Panels Worth It?The true value of solar panels is really tied up in protecting the planet for future generations. Reducing a home's carbon footprint may not save the world, but it's certainly a start. And yet, many homeowners still haven't adopted energy-efficient technology for a variety of reasons. They may not realize that their options have changed, or understand the cost-saving potential of solar power. See how solar technology has changed, and whether or not an investment would be worth it for you.

Initial Efforts

This is the probably the key factor on everyone's mind. It can be expensive to install solar panels, especially if homeowners aren't certain how long they're going to live in a home. Many companies give homeowners the option to rent solar

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Home Roofing Damage: Determining Whether to Repair or ReplaceRoofing systems are designed to last for years with the most common options such as asphalt, composite, clay and wood shingles lasting 35-30 years and metal roofs with lifespans of up to 50 years. However, the age of a Jupiter home's roof isn't necessarily the biggest indicator that it needs repairs or replacing, as there are a few signs of roofing damage likely to make themselves known before a complete replacement is necessary.

1. Signs of Asphalt Shingle Roof Damage

Asphalt shingles are the most popular residential roofing choice for Jupiter FL homes for sale, and they can exhibit several obvious signs of breakdown. These indicators include:

  • Cracked, curled or missing shingles
  • Dark, dirty shingles
  • Shingles that retain moisture
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Your Guide to Understanding PMIFirst-time home buyers (or buyers who haven't been in the market for quite some time) may be shocked to learn just how much it costs to buy a home. For a conventional loan, the magic down payment is 20 percent of the total purchase price. In an economy with ever-dwindling savings accounts, many people can't come up with this type of cash for the home of their dreams. It's why Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) is available to buyers who don't want to delay their homeownership dreams.

Who It Protects

Even though a homeowner is paying for PMI, it's technically the lender's insurance policy and not the buyers. A lender wants to see as much equity in a home as possible. In the case of a 20 percent down payment, the buyer has already secured a fifth

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Home Buying ContingenciesWhen purchasing a new home, the agents may negotiate special conditions that must be met into the contract. These are called contingencies, and their purpose is to protect both buyers and sellers. Here is what buyers and sellers need to know about contingencies before agreeing to a contract.

Contingencies are Not Bad

Decades ago, contingencies used to have a stigma because they can lead to contracts being cancelled under certain circumstances. However, contingencies exist to protect both buyers and sellers. They can help prevent purchasing a home that isn’t safe or protect a seller from selling to a buyer who can’t find some a loan. Contingencies are just another checkbox that needs to be ticked before the sale of the home becomes official.

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