Selling Farm Land or Hunting Property? Four Tips to Make Selling Easier and More Profitable

Selling Farmland and Hunting PropertySelling land for farming or hunting requires a different strategy than selling residential homes. With a much larger area to prepare and market, sellers who want to be successful have to employ techniques that will allow potential buyers to see the entire parcel and fully understand its value and potential. If you are preparing to sell a large tract of farm or hunting land, the following information can help make the selling process as easy and profitable as possible.

Make Sure It's Neat, Clean, and Easily Accessible

While it is rarely feasible to groom and manicure a large parcel of land, sellers should aim to make sure that some areas are kept looking as nice as possible during the listing period. Doing so will make it easier for real estate agents and their prospective buyers to view the equestrian property, as well as help it be more attractive in any photographs and videos used in marketing. To do this, sellers should consider:

  • Keeping grass around driveways, buildings, homes, and fence lines mowed and trimmed
  • Trimming or removing dead limbs and trees near structures or fence lines, as well as any overgrown brush, trees, or bushes that limit access to driveways, trails, and interior roads through the property
  • Mowing wide, easy-to-access paths and trails to ponds, streams, springs, lakes and other water features to make sure prospective buyers can easily access and see these valuable assets
  • Removing any trash, junk, or other rubbish that may have accumulated on the property
  • Making sure that driveways and access roads are well marked, easily accessible, and in good condition
  • Making it easy to view any farm equipment that may be included in the sale by arranging these machines neatly in a mowed area that is easy for buyers to view and access
  • Making sure that any structures, such as barns, corral systems, and sheds are clean, neat, easy to access, and safe for prospective buyers to view
  • Making sure that any livestock or dogs on the property are properly enclosed or restrained so that prospective buyers can view the property safely

Exploit Available Technology to Emphasize Property Value

It is difficult for even experienced land buyers to get a good feel for a property just by driving or walking through cleared areas or trails, but sellers can overcome this by utilizing technology to help showcase the entire parcel from above. The best ways to do this include:

  • Using aerial maps that make it easy for prospective buyers to see all the features of the land, including the ratio of wooded to cleared land and how the land lays in respect to bordering properties and access roads
  • Using topographical maps to help illustrate the lay of the land, including higher and lower areas that may fit particular needs or uses that prospective buyers have in mind, such as building a lake or positioning a home
  • Using a current survey to illustrate actual locations of infrastructure and boundary lines, as well as any easements, set backs, and other important information about the land
  • Making drone footage of the property available to easily allow buyers to have a flyover view of the entire property

Time the Listing Based on the Most Likely Usage

Sellers who offer parcels of land for sale when there are more prospective buyers looking can enjoy an increased pool of interest from which to win a sale. So it makes sense to determine what the property's current usage is most likely to be and market that aspect of it as fully as possible. For instance:

  • If deer or other types of hunting are popular in the area, marketing a wooded tract of hunting land during the months preceding hunting season is most likely to attract hunters who are looking this type of land
  • If the property is cropland, having it on the market during the fall and winter can attract the attention of farmers in the area who are looking for more land to plant for the next growing season
  • If the property has cleared areas suitable for pasturing animals or cutting hay, early spring can be an excellent time to list to capture the attention of livestock producers in the area who need more pasture or hay ground

Choose an experienced professional who understands how to market farm and hunting land to its best advantage

The choice of a listing agent is always important, but when selling large tracts of land, it is even more so. To make sure your Wellington property for sale is marketed to its best advantage, choose a listing agent with a successful track record of selling properties similar to the one you are selling. Agents with a history of successful land sales will understand the nuances and potential difficulties involved in selling land that are not typically encountered when selling a residential home in the city. In addition, agents who specialize in land sales will have an excellent feel for the market and be able to use their established networks to help attract maximum buyer interest.

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